Alt Country Rock

Take Me Home - Celine lead vocals


Stop all the clocks, let time stand still

Don’t have the strength to climb this  endless hill

Can’t live with you,     can’t live without

The hopes and dreams we used to be about



Just take me home

To places we knew when our hearts were true

Just take me home

To happier days and kindlier ways – When we were young


It’s all the same – we’re on repeat

We need to stop the weeping and deceit

Don’t mind the cold, don’t mind the rain

Just need to find a way to soothe this pain





Consider me gone


Chorus, first half of verse 1.


The Circus - Cris lead vocals


The freak show’s back in town

On the corner you’ll see them hanging around with their eyes cast down

You got a feeling they mean no harm

But even so there alarm bells ringing inside because they’ve nothing to hide



Who are we to know if they’ll stay or when they’ll go

And what it is they’re searching for inside

And who am I to say, what’s the price we’ll have to pay

To get our normal back again once more – it’s not my call



We’ve got our small town attitude

We like our peace and our solitude – don’t like you or the things that you do

We’ll tell you truths that you don’t want to hear

No holding back we just want to be clearer than light

We know we know what’s right





These circus clowns, we’ve all seen them before

We know their sort and we’ll all keeping the score in uncivil wars

Like to think we’re all feeling the same

With simple needs our daily routine keeps us sane

But we’re dying inside

Looking Glass - Kate lead vocals


I can’t stop looking at this face

Another day or time or place

A different world with distant grace

The breath of life or death’s embrace

They say that time won’t wait for you

So let’s see just what Time can do

Through the misty looking glass

I still see reflected pasts


All the times that felt so real

Have faded into no big deal

All the good times that we had

Seem tainted now, all partly bad

They say that we’re all doomed to be

Our father’s sons repeatedly

We’ll wrestle blindly with our fate

But senselessly we’ll imitate


So looking glass can you foresee

What the future holds for me?

Can you show me what’s in store?

Elysium I’m searching for…

They say our future’s in our past

The sands of time keep flowing fast

And through the shiny mirror’s pane

I’ve learnt that I can’t ever change


I see the World’s all it can be

A slowly turning misery

A time bomb as we slowly fade

We sagging skin and debts unpaid

There’s no more time, it’s slipped away

As night folds slowly into day

The mirror on my mottled wall

Says I’m all done, there’s nothing more